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rdm maat fight round 2
zermit in ffxi
this is how my maat fight went for round 2

buffed (aye everything i except haste)
dispel (shadow caught)
sleep worked
dispel (blink)
dispel (aquaveil)
maat woke used water 3 (hit for 0)
sleep 2 (worked)
stone 3, water 3, maat hit me for 0, got paralyzed on spikes
aero 3, sleep 2
stoneskin, phalanx
maat woke and casts thunder 2
aero 3
failed sleep 2 and sleep 1 (low mp)
got hit a few times, melee'd his butt
i use vile elixir +1
used aero 3
maat chainspells, sleep 2 him
cure 4 x2
vile elixir
started aero 3
maat woke, ran mid spell and asuran fists x2 i died
aero 3 hits him

dude that's just hilarious XD i LOVE aquaveil to death XD

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Better Luck Next Time

Hey Zermit,this is Eurmpjereijne from Final Fantasy XI.I wish you better luck next time.

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