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my ffxi characters
red mage zermit
i decided to post about my final fantasy 11 characters i use, and it ended up ungodly long but as there really isn't a need, i'm going to do the same as i did on the forum i posted to. with a few edits ^^

For the record, I have 3 linkshells at this time active, and 1 in hiding so the person I so want to kill can't depearl me (yet)
Crystal reverie, my ultimate, main, Great Blue Sea, the other main, and Break of Dawn, for when the first 2 aren't where I need to be. This was written for a forum post on GBS's site. CR is and will always the shell I'm most loyal to even if I'm currently not using it...

Where to start, I ended up in GBS by others that was doing a promy run and swore i needed to join them at that very minute when i was level 51 rdm i think, atleast by then i learnt to use /blm over thf, either way if you notice my current job... lol
I am a lvl 99 Disco Bandit and a lvl 99 damage creating rdm, don't believe me, here is my story on the second part.
Back in jan of 2009 I joined this game, I looked at the base jobs and the ones that needed unlocking and i saw a mage job that wasn't afraid to wear the pants and do some serious damage to things, that job being Red Mage. I swore at the moment I made Zermit for ffxi, she'd be a first and formost red mage capable of doing the sort of damage, the job was designed for, I knew even then it wouldn't out do a war or a monk or anything that was straight up damage dealer, I knew it wouldn't be a suped up power mage like the death creator, black mage or have the healing power of the life giving white mage, but a red mage didn't need either on its own.

On it's own being the MAIN term there. I leveled red mage up never seeing an experience party save maybe 25? times from level 1 to level 62. I solo'd this there. I can hold my own with almost anything, my weapon is my sword and i honor it as a good friend. I enchant it with the best element my foe hates, use a sprinkle of ice spikes, stoneskin up and have fun. Now that I have temper and a few items that give me to hit more times, seriously NOTHING really hurts me badly to need to heal. ofcourse there is a downside to how I use red mage... I can't heal for ****, why cause I have rarely needed to heal myself, that skill even with white mage subbed will remain below 200 for some time.

Now lacking gil having given up the /thf lifestyle, I found myself forced once red mage was level 99 needing spells that cost 'oh dear god why'. So I sped leveled thief up from 32 to 99 within one week mostly because I already had most of thief's combat skills down, and dagger stayed current capped the whole way throught til like level 88. As of this writing it is capped without merits. In parties I rather be thief than red mage anyday for the simple reason of me being allowed to actually fight. I am working on treasure hunting gear, but for sheer damage I can double, triple, hell even do quadruple attacks, what I lose in enscorced spells I more than got back in sheer speed and damage. My subjob for thief is dancer, hence the title given of being a disco bandit.
Thief I do not play as it is deemed to be played too, I loathe some parts of the job and you'll see me refrain from using certain abilities. However I will do them if asked, lol. It was meant to be used mostly to grab the spells red mage and black mage needed. I mostly use to help others get items they might have a hard time getting too.

Now you've heard about my 2 main jobs, I have others but they aren't nearly near max yet.

Black Mage, This job is fun on wheels and made me actual like staves, which I still refuse to really use on red mage since a red mage wasn't meant to ever wield them and the staves it can wield ANY job can... but I won't argue that point, I know I will just get overwhelmed by people saying "i'm doing it wrong" and I degress, I don't PARTY with red mage so your points DO NOT MATTER!, NOW, black mage IS a party job but I can solo it well, IT is in the wearing of the first artifact armor stage, which I do own all the peices, but IF you see me as a black mage I'm normally still running around in mithra RSE, cause its mostly for transportation. For black mage, I want to get it's spells up to it's level, at this writing it's 61, I will level it to 99 however not before I have the af3+1 peices waiting for it. (you'll find this a recurring theme)

Dancer, ok what can I say, not only is it in my personal humble opinion the best overall subjob for any melee job. It so rocks as a main job to, It is the damage dealer's version of red mage in this way, while you can't cast spells you can enfeble, and you can cure your ass, all while dancing quite pretty bewildering foes and cutting them a new one while at it. While trying to get +1 peices for thief, seeing a level 99 dancer in all their glory. That alone is inspirational :) But haven gotten the job to 52, I already knew it's awesomeness. I look forward to getting it to 99 soon as thief's af3+1 is done. The AF1 and AF2 are pretty too :) the AF3 to me is fugly, but function over fashion, right? I mean that is the reason my thief is still in pink x.x......
Samurai, was the last job to be unlocked, it's under 20 atm, my times online don't usually work for the 'new' means of leveling jobs, and I can't speak squiggly lines... i'm sorry I am a stupid american and can't speak any language not english and hell I failed english 101 9 times so far.... Sam is a fun job and I do look forward to doing more with it.

Scholar was unlocked with samurai and it will be the best red mage subjob ever and be an awesome main job one day, same as samurai, it's too low to level :(

Monk is a future main job, the only part about the job that I really don't look forward to attempting is the belt quests, however honestly, I got better items to use then those lol. Monk is also in the low level wasteland at 27, but I will just solo it to being nest worthy... Monk is the used subjob for dancer at this stage of time.

This job I only level under certain conditions, but it will be to 99 one day.... and I'll have the magician staves to go with it... when I have the time and all that... Summoner, now that I actually have every summonable creature/god before level 75, I find I really enjoy playing this. That and I've met enough summoners to inspire greatness. I have most of the AF, well all but the coffer peices, and its cause 1 is in tonberry territory and well.... I avoid that place for dear life.

Dragoon, First up it has a blue cute draggie pet that knows to attack without command, and it's a nice awesome job, it's the only other job that I actually enjoy using a 2 handed weapon, Samurai's great katana being the other. Before I knew the awesomeness of dancer, it was to be the first of the unlockable jobs to take to 99, and soon it shall be. It sits at level 34 just waiting for me to pick up my polearm and fight.

Blue Mage, if you see a good one at level 99, you know why I want to take it there, however mine is 30 and I'm way to lazy currently to get spells caught up.....

Beastmaster, Another awesome job, will be to 99 one day.... eventually..... it's at 39
Ranger is 32, I like it, but not enough... Corsair I LOVE, but... um... undead territory for AF1.... no thanks, also like ranger and ninja i got some gil getting to do!

That leaves jobs I really do not like...

White mage, it's the worlds most boring job and the pressure to cure everyone and everything without blinking isn't my cup of tea, it's not getting past evel 50 if i can help it. War is at 8, I don't need to say anymore about it. I just dislike the job with that much of a passion, Pld... not even worth spelling out, it's a war with white mage abilities, knowing how i feel about the above to, this is the lone job i shall NEVER unlock and you can't force me to.

Jobs I am on fence with....

Puppetmaster, if the AF3 isn't scary, the damn automaton IS. It's a creepy doll.... but i might level it at some point, who knows, at 9, Ninja, ok I am leveling up to the point it gets AF1 IF someone helps me get utsusemi: ni, it's at 32, It is too expensive to have espcially as sub, when I first saw the job i was all ooo yay I want... that has long died in me. Dark Knight, now... IF you saw the trend for red mage solo... you know I do like THIS job lol it is the complete opposite of pld and that alone makes it worth leveling but its in the level wasteland at 6... I will do more with it, just not know....

> <

Traitora *The sandy elvaan lady of impossibilities.... *

Her name is Traitor A, don't worry she won't hurt her friends, just don't be an enermy!
She was created as a sandy mule, but is also a used player when I'm either bored or confused as to what to do with zermit :) There was a few other reasons for her creation, one, to get away from certain situations zermit has to deal with, she was meant to not share a shell with zermit ever, however this has changed since the loss of caitsith server. The shells she had all disappeared with their leaders so that didn't help. As I have gotten passed getting the Jeunoan flag as Zermit, I have learnt to have a lot more respect for San d'Oria and it's elvaan population. I still have lots of things to say about the race on it's own, even their movements befuddle me, but not enough to not play as one. She is set up to be a thief, but also a, gasp, warrior.... yes, this is the ONLY character I have I can actually play as WAR, She might even unlock Pld.... She is the only one of my other characters that have a subjob. Her current goals is to get WAR to past 20 and get a chocobo licence... She will eventually get to rank 10 for sandy for me. As zermit will live in windurst forever :)

Uyulala *The song that isn't a song*

Ok, when I started FFXI i wanted to be a taru as I wanted to be red mage and all other mage classes, I'm glad I got talked out of being a mithran football.... Still I have a taru character, the last to be created. Her name is from the neverending story, she is a song without a body a voice that can soothe or distrought as such, She will eventually become a Bard. Just a bonus the name fits in the taru naming scheme.
As for the referred name:
The Southern Oracle, also named Uyulala, is a mysterious and all-knowing oracle guarded by three magical gates. Many creatures in Fantastica try to visit the oracle for wisdom, but few succeed in getting through all three gates and as such it is a great mystery who or what Uyulala is. She is in fact an incorporeal entity; depicted as a disembodied, continuous female voice who speaks in - and can only understand - rhymed speech and otherwise sings ceaselessly to maintain her existence.
She might make a great scholar too :) But for now she is a black mage at level 9 and hopeless stuck like my scholar on zermit....

Lionwolf *I'm the meaning of pure power, hear me roar*

I might as well include him, my only “male” character. (as they are technically genderless) A hulking monk galka, also in the low level wasteland. He is my go to man for all things Bastok. It's funny cause people are LESS shocked there is a female behind him, as they are about me being a female playing a mithra.... manthra I am not! I actually tried to play as a warrior on him and couldn't o.o Traitora is somehow special....

cross-posted from main account


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