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it's wraabbit season
red mage zermit
so i've been a bit bad about writing in livejournal on this or my main account

let's see i'm in ffxi
hunting a white mage rabbit know as ratatoskr
i have to kill it 2 more times so i can progress in my wish to get almace
a super awesome sword only red mages, paladins and blue mages can have
to be honest i swear from the DAT file it's the biggest 1 handed sword that a RED MAGE
has ever been allowed to wield lol

this rabbit only pops 1 and a half hours after it's death, but it don't have to right away
and there is my problem, some have waited over 9 hours for it to show up...
it's a lottery so you don't know when it'll spring, just where

personally even though the katana is nice, i'm so not camping this thing for nin anytime soon
(besides nin is like lvl 20 lol) so i don't have to worry

there are 9 people waiting for this rabbit, i've been here personally for 4 hours....

atleast you can sort of force pop void walking noterious monsters...


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