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buildables botz
I got into buildables and so far they are the most awesome of the 'breedables' in SL
and I do lots of breedables

these are not breedables in the sence they don't actually breed but they do create new robots through use of mining materials and building new bots using special building pods

and it all looks confusing til ya get into it ^^

I say if ya really want to have knowledge of this product :) check out the website :D cause there is a whole lot of information :D

anyhow my 2 active rolly bots, a stained glass and a yellow deluxe built for me a dinosaur, but a mini one
and it's coloring is so damn awesome I couldn't crate it up and i'm damn sure not going to sell it
plus even through there are no raptor bots yet, as it is a dinosaur, I named it after warzy, but it's not orange so
it's rasta warzy :)

i'm so tempted to teach it to speak broken jamaican english :)

it's a level 1/4 not limited edition mini dino rasta that makes cute rawrs and stuff :)
they have levels which they gained by getting power and oil and when they build new bots

so far there are a few types of bots and it just keeps growing and you never know when there is a new bot til someone builds it :)

it's so far is my most favorite of the breedables :D


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