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ok it's been awhile, this is how i handle issues ^.^
hey as most know i deal with breedables in second life
for those that don't know what they are, they are animals, aliens, plants, rocks, etc
that are born, grow up literally, and breed to make more of themselves
I had a zoo with all sorts, but as of late, I just run a shelter for the unwanteds
that said I do have some that belong to me for my own enjoyment of the "sport"

I have horses, 2 brands of dogs and a strange needy but cute creature called meeroos

but this post is about amaretto dogs, they come in many breeds, the starter ones
are tri-colored beagles, miniture snauzers, full masked jack russel terriers, and pie faced huskies
hidden within are alternate coats for the starters and other breeds
basically when you start off, even if ya pair up breeds perfectly they are all still mutts cause they
can and will throw ya something else from time to time, it's a gamble.

one of the hidden breeds is the boxer, which comes in colored and patch coats
I got a pair of boxer patch - deep fawn girls and was looking for a male boxer of any type
and there was one at central bark at pure breedables on a bidboard there which was
not only male but fully grown and ready to mate! So I bidded and forced a bid war til
I got tired and made a HUGH max bid on the board, someone else wanted him too, but decided to
try and snipe the board in hopes of a discount.... she sniped and failed since I had already outbidded her
with the HUGH max bid.

ok cool I won the doggy right, so I contacted the seller, and haven't dealt with him before, expected a reply
within 2-3 hours at the most,, after 24 hours and me poking him in IM 3 times throughout the day, I asked the
owner of the bidboard to try and reach him, another 20 hours pass, it's now day 2 for me, told the owner of
central bark whats up and she sent a bid and conclusion, do something or get banned notecard
and i sent this....

ok, it's almost 48hrs since i won a dog off a bidboard in central bark that belonged to you
I've been in contact without being too pushy about it from since I won the doggy til now
now I had plans to actually pay you a tad more than the bid about for the dog, because it was worth it, but after waiting literally 2 whole days for a response from you, I've had to use some of the extra funds for daily care of the dogs i do own.

When you put your dog up on bid board and once you got a bid, you entered a binding contract
to sell said dog. Right now I don't care of the shape of the dog, it could be sick and out of heat.
I still want what I bidded to pay for.

I notice you left the central bark group, but you still owe me what i won, I'm not a non paying bidder. You could have been paid anytime from bidding closed to now if you had made ANY attempt at contacting me.

I've willingly passed up a few dogs that was as good if not better than the boxer you had up because I wanted to pay for what I bidded on first.

Please consider selling the male boxer you had placed up on bid board #18 at central bark on september 24th at 12:41pm slt.
If for some unknown reason you don't have the dog or have other issues, hey let me know so I can focus on other things and not badgering you for a dog that don't exist or something.

Not replying to me even after sending you proof and the auctionhouse owner sending you said proof, everyone I talk to says I should take drastic actions against you. I'm instead giving you the benifit of the doubt, real life happens, sometimes sl happens, your not muted on my end.
I'd rather be set to do business with you again sometimes, but this is a hold up.

Please IM me or notecard me if ya must, your not muted on my end.

the dog I should be buying from you
is an age 10 or 11 male (by now)
Coat: Boxer Patch - Tan
Eye: Wisteria
Ears: Normal
Size: Normal
Collar: Slate

thanks for you hopeful reply
Zermit Vasilopita

Well I wasn't expecting the reply but it went like this, and yes that's how he started the conversation

[2011/09/26 09:16] --protected identity-- : r u seriously giving me a legal speech on a virtual dog
[2011/09/26 09:16] --protected identity-- : my dogs got returned well 2 of them I got in a fight with the owner over it
[2011/09/26 09:16] --protected identity-- : i cleared all my boards and left
[2011/09/26 09:17] Zermit Vasilopita: not much of a legal speech but i do want to pay for and get what i bidded on
[2011/09/26 09:18] --protected identity-- : ya i know exactly what dogs they were and the timers were not set right and of course you want a male boxer for 850L who wouldnt
[2011/09/26 09:18] --protected identity-- : im not affiliated with that place

[2011/09/26 09:18] --protected identity-- : ANd after what happened i hope you can empathize my point of view i lost a 20k dog when he returned my dogs
[2011/09/26 09:20] Zermit Vasilopita: i do feel for ya, i have no clue what really happened, just want what i bidded on, nothing more or less, i've been in the total dark for 2 days with ya, that's not fair either
[2011/09/26 09:20] --protected identity-- : ive been afk for most of 2 days and that boxer is gone
[2011/09/26 09:23] Zermit Vasilopita: if that is the case, would have been nice to know sooner than laters
[2011/09/26 09:23] --protected identity-- : i wasnt on i stay logged for traffic listen im in no mood to worry or care about a virtual dog atm i have more pending rl issues
[2011/09/26 09:24] --protected identity-- : when i have another one you can have the gd thing for free
[2011/09/26 09:25] Zermit Vasilopita: fair deal, don't get me wrong i would love to buy from ya again sometime even if not at that place
[2011/09/26 09:26] --protected identity-- : hold on i think he is in my lost and found
[2011/09/26 09:27] --protected identity-- : ya think its him still lost my 3t masked husky and my 3t black and silver snauser heh
[2011/09/26 09:27] --protected identity-- : there ya go thats him i beleive
[2011/09/26 09:28] Zermit Vasilopita: thanks kindly i'll say a good word for ya future endevors :)
[2011/09/26 09:29] --protected identity-- : thnx sorry about all the confusion still waiting on tickets for my missing dogs and grandmother is sick i was away
[2011/09/26 09:29] --protected identity-- : ya was never the price ya win ya lose on boards i got 2k dogs heh
[2011/09/26 09:29] Zermit Vasilopita: i'll give ya more when i regain some lindens since 850 was low price :)
[2011/09/26 09:29] --protected identity-- : no
[2011/09/26 09:29] --protected identity-- : thats what it was
[2011/09/26 09:30] --protected identity-- : no need for more
[2011/09/26 09:30] --protected identity-- : might have went for 7k thats the way boards are
[2011/09/26 09:30] --protected identity-- : a deal is a deal
[2011/09/26 09:30] --protected identity-- : and there is the extra 50
[2011/09/26 09:31] Zermit Vasilopita: true that ^.^ i lost some good dogs from uber cheap prices too on bidboards
[2011/09/26 09:31] Incoming message from (--protected identity-- )
[2011/09/26 09:31] --protected identity-- : ya happens hehe
[2011/09/26 09:31] --protected identity-- : not enough traffic at cental bark
[2011/09/26 09:32] Zermit Vasilopita: i wish you grandma well :) and all be well with thee and may we do business again sometime in the future :)
[2011/09/26 09:32] --protected identity-- : and sory if i seemed rude just in a shit mood
[2011/09/26 09:32] --protected identity-- : ty bro

I don't think most of my dog friends would have been 1/2 as patient or diplomatic while still being persistant on what one is expecting


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